Catamaran Cruise

Enjoy a lovely day aboard our Catamarans.

We promise that this trip will be the highlight of your stay on Santorini and provide you memories
for a lifetime.



  • Lois Horwitz and family
    "Hi Alex!We are safely home in Los Angeles.  Just wanted to let you know that everything went great on our sailing trip and we had a fantastic time. 
    We would be happy to recommend your company to other potential clients of yours.  Thank you for pulling it all together for us."
  • Eleonora
    "Just wanted to say thanks again for the greatest trip we have ever taken!  I could not have asked for anything more!  I doubt this is the last you will see of us! Please pass this along to Fedra.  I do not have her email"
  • Oliver
    "Yes we had a very good time thanks. It was great to see George again and he looked after us very well.
    I hope the rest of the season goes well and I look forward to keeping in touch."
  • Karen, Myles, Bryden & Spencer Robertson Toronto, Ontario
    "Hello Daniela and Nikos. We wanted to thank you once again for a wonderful week spent with you sailing the Cyclades. It was an incredible experience that we will always remember and you were great hosts. Nikos, thanks for allowing Bryden to take the helm and for teaching him some sailing skills. Daniela, your food was amazing.... I bought Spencer some tzatziki at the grocery store when we got home but he says it’s not the same as yours. And thanks for buying the boat for him for his birthday – he opened it as soon as he got home and put it on his bedside table. I have attached the picture that your co-worker took of us on the deck of your boat. If you make it to Toronto, please look us up. Good luck to your children with their sailing careers. Thanks again, take care and all the best with your business."
    Karen, Myles, Bryden & Spencer Robertson Toronto, Ontario
  • MNH
    "I hope Olympic Yacht Charters has had a successful season. My wife and I reminisce almost every day about our wonderful cruise. Our friends are very envious of our adventure!I have tried several times to email photos to Eva Vagher, and have even attempted to phone her, but without success. If you have a phone number, or email and mailing addresses, I would greatly appreciate it if you could email them to me.By the way, my wife has said several times that she would go on another cruise if we could have Eva as skipper. I'm now thinking about a west coast and Peloponesos cruise, maybe to include some of the Gulf of Corinth."
  • Stuart May
    "My wife, Susan and I recently returned from Greece where we were part of a party of six persons (Gaber, Guthartz and May) who chartered one of your catamaran’s through Festiva Sail.  The date we left the dock was May 26, 2012 and the name of the boat was JJB Horizon. It is with a great deal of pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Yulia Dudnik, our First Mate/ Chef and Jannus, our Captain.  If you notice I refer to Yulia as a Chef and not the cook.  Her meals were fantastic and her demeanor was fabulous.  She welcomed us each morning with a broad smile and a hot cup of coffee.  She made every meal from scratch and each and every one was delicious.    As an amateur chef I really appreciate good food and let me tell you her cooking would rival any restaurant I have been to. My wife was injured prior to boarding the boat; both Jannus and Yulia went above and beyond their obligations to provide for her needs and to make sure she had a good time.  It is because of their service to her and the level of service in general that I will recommend to my friends that they charter with you through Festiva and that they request Yulia and Jannus as the crew."
  • Debbi Gaber
    "Now we're back home and thinking about our trip, especially our cruise of the Greek Islands. The boat was great--very comfortable, handled well.  Our captain, (I called him Yanni) is obviously very skilled.  He was outgoing, personable, and we enjoyed having the opportunity to spend time with him.  He let me steer on a couple of occasions, which I enjoyed tremendously. Yulia was unbelievable.  Always a smile on her face with a bubbly personality that was infectious.  Her attention to detail with the dietary needs of our group was extraordinary.  One person is a vegetarian, and Yulia was able to accommodate those needs along with the rest of our meat-loving group.  If she overheard a conversation about a type of food, it was on our table the next day.  Leg of lamb, mousakka, pasta, along with delicious salads--for lunch!  We found that going to a restaurant at night and having a few appetizers was more than enough because we were still full from lunch.  She prepared two multi-course dinners on board because of  the way the sailing schedule fell; all seemingly without any effort.  As you know, galley kitchens are not the easiest to work from, but she made it look easy.  She is a gem. Both Yanni and Yulia were committed to making our trip enjoyable and comfortable.  Even the weather cooperated! We had a wonderful time.  I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to see you on our return.  Thank you for your responsiveness prior to the trip with my barrage of questions." Thank you.