1Do you provide snorkeling gear?

Yes, we provide for free the fins, mask and snorkel for your days snorkeling adventures.

If you have personal equipment that you would prefer to bring onboard, by all means do so.

We have plenty of storage for personal items.

2Will I get sea sick?

When sailing around the islands of Santorini, the main lagoon where we will be sailing is primarily protected from the open ocean swells from the Mediterranean.

This makes for a relatively smooth sailing experience.

In addition, the two hulled catamaran is the most stable sailing vessel on the water and design for a more comfortable ride.

If guests feel discomfort we have otc medication.

We find that most discomfort subsides once guests get used to the yacht.

3How should I pack for the day?

As you would with any day at the beach, we recommend you pack sunscreen, beach towels, a hat and cover-up from the sun.

Depending on the season, a bathing suit and t-shirt / cover-up will be all you need.

If you choose to bring a dry change of clothes, there is a private stateroom and bathroom for changing.

During the early spring and fall months, we suggest guests having long sleeves, and/or jackets.

4Will we get cell phone service?

Depending on your carrier, you may have cell service in our sailing locations.

If your provider doesn’t offer coverage or if you would rather not pay the international fees, we offer local cell phone rental from our base.

In addition, each member of our crew has a phone for emergency use and is in constant contact with our base.

5How much time do we spend sailing?

The day will be broken up evenly between sailing and exploring the island locations.

Most of our sailing time will be between 30 minutes and 2 hours between stops.

6What if I’m not a great swimmer?

Not to worry, our crew is there to ensure your safety in and around the water.

We do offer swim floats and noodles on board for guests to float around on if you choose.

However, the crew will take you back and forth from the yacht to shore by tender as needed.

7What does the cost of the charter include/not include?

Our trips are inclusive of all meals, appetizers, beverages, wine and soft drinks offered onboard along with water, snorkeling euqipment, all toys onboard, fuel and any docking fees, if applicable and a special gift upon disembarkation.

Gratuity is optional for the crew and it is not included.

However it is customary based on your satisfaction and service level offered to tip, anywhere from 10%-25% on your charter fee.

8What time do we start from the Hotel ?

Depending on the charter you choose, we recommend being ready half an hour prior to the scheduled departure time listed on your specific itinerary, 10:30 am for day sails and 5pm for evening sails, or otherwise as agreed.

Because the crew is preparing the yacht for charter prior to departure, we can’t allow you to board before the scheduled boarding time.

9Will I be able to store personal items in a secure location?

Yes. Upon boarding, the crew will give you directions on where you can store your personal items.

If you have any valuables, please let the crew know to be stored in the yacht’s safe.

10Will I be able to charge my cell phone/ camera?

Yes. Each of our catamarans offers 220V outlets for charging phones, cameras, tablets and other personal electronic devices.

Please note that the outlets on the boat are European and if you have US devices we offer the necessary adapters needed for your electronics.