Right off the Turkish coast, the Dodecanese islands are a sailors’ paradise.

You will find uncounted beautiful beaches and bays, colourful little ports, great dining and yours to discover virgin territory.

Indeed the variety of islands may hold the key to finding the island of your dreams…

Twelve main islands and numerous small islands of great natural beauty and interest make up the group of Dodecanese.

Changing winds offer interesting sailing.


After unpacking and boat briefing, we’ll set sail to the fjord-like Vathi in Kalimnos.

Kalimnos is known for its sponge diving, a great place for snorkelling and for those with a diving license, get ready!

Impressive seascapes are in view when approaching the island, this is a perfect place for more swimming and snorkeling as well as renting little scooters to go and explore the island.

Don’t miss the 11th century Venetian fortress.

Patmos is famous for its monasteries.

This is where St John was inspired by visions to write the Book of Revelations.

The village of Hora lies at the foot of the monastery and is a picture perfect, white washed Greek village.

This is a large island with lots to do and see.

Sail to the well protected harbour of Arki, in the late afternoon.

Arki is another tiny, traditional island, with a permanent population of less than 30 people.

A perfect place to wind down from all the activities in Patmos…

Smooth sail to Lipsi.

Anchor in a quiet and beautiful little bay.

After a day in the sun, prepare for a wonderful kingfish dinner with local wine in one of the many local tavernas or how about a barbecue on the beach?

Broad reach sail to the magnificent bay of Kalimnos.

In the evening, relax under a peaceful star filled night.

Early sail to the newly built marina of Kos.

This is the island of Hippocrates, father of medicine - an island of green abundance.

Many believe there are still natural healing properties on the site.

Visiting the ruins of the ancient Asclepion Sanatorium, founded by Hippocrates, is a great way to conclude your trip.

Sailing ranges from 3-5 hours per day, 2-3 hours for swimming and lunch. Evenings are spent at ports for sightseeing, dinner and shopping, or on quiet bays - the choice is yours. These are sample itineraries and can be customized according to your preferences. There are limitless variations. Destinations are subject to weather conditions.