Known for their lush greenery, indigo depths and aquamarine shallows the Ionian islands still hold many wonderful spots to be discovered by yachtsmen.

With cathedral-like caves and topaz watered grottoes where Greek resistance fighters hid from German patrols during World War II, these islands are a haven of peace and quiet.


Corfu is soaked in history.

It has an aristocratic atmosphere and many spots worth visiting.

See the ancient statue of Medusa’s head in the museum.

Enjoy urban comforts in the city, tasty meals and relax in its sandy beaches, with beautiful water to swim and snorkel in…

Paxos is a small island, a totally tranquil and peaceful spot.

Two thousand years ago Anthony and Cleopatra had a famous dinner party here.

Try the extra virgin olive oil, so good it’s a delicacy at Harrods in London.

One of the best yacht harbors in the whole Mediterranean - first discovered by pirates, Cephallonia has wonderful landscapes where snow can be seen on its mountaintops even in the summer, spacious bays for anchorage and one of the finest beaches in Greece.

This earthly paradise was featured in the movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

You can explore the island hiking or hiring mountain bikes, this place is a favorite!

Enjoy a day of sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Scorpio, millionaire Aristotle Onassis’ private island - where Jackie once enjoyed life and Greece.

Ithaka is Odysseus/Ulysses’ island. Even today, it has a bewitching, magical atmosphere.

It looks like a modern sculpture thrown into the sea.

Its landscape and light bring the ancient world to life.

It’s a great place to hire little 50cc scooters and explore; or mountain bikes for the more energetic!

Pass through the Lefkas channel and continue for a long day of sailing to Sivota island, just on the foothills of the impressive Epirus mountains.

Enjoy a traditional meal in one of the many waterfront tavernas and spend a quiet evening under a starlit sky…

Early sail on a close reach to Boat Marina in Corfu.

Sailing ranges from 3-5 hours per day, 2-3 hours for swimming and lunch. Evenings are spent at ports for sightseeing, dinner and shopping, or on quiet bays - the choice is yours. These are sample itineraries and can be customized according to your preferences. There are limitless variations. Destinations are subject to weather conditions.